Travelling (text topic) - Путешествия (топик, тема по английскому языку)

тема по английскому - топик travelling
Топик по английскому языку Travelling предназначен для школьников, готовящих тему Путешествия для сдачи экзаменов, тестов. В теме рассмотрены в сравнении различные способы путешествий (на поезде, самолете, корабле по морю, на машине).

В топике Travelling также приводятся факты о преимуществах летнего отдыха в санатории или палатке. В конце топика рассказывается о свободном время препровождении, различных видах деятельности в период отдыха и путешествий.

Данный Topic Travelling предназначен для среднего уровня владения английским языком и выше.

TRAVELLING (English topic)

Modern life is impossible without travelling. Thousands of people travel every day either on business or for pleasure. They can travel by air, by rail, by sea or by road.

Of course, travelling by air is the fastest and the most convenient way, but it is the most expensive too. Travelling by train is slower than by plane, but it has its advantages. You can see much more interesting places of the country you are travelling through. Modern trains have very comfortable seats. There are also sleeping cars and dining cars which make even the longest journey enjoyable. Speed, comfort and safety are the main advantages of trains and planes. That is why many people prefer them to all other means.

Travelling by sea is very popular. Large ships and small river boats can visit foreign countries and differentplaces of interest within their own country.

As for me, I prefer travelling by car. I think it's very convenient. You needn't reserve tour tickets. You needn't carry heavy suitcases. You can stop wherever you wish, and spend at any place as much time as you like.

Every year my friend and I go somewhere to the South for holidays. The Black Sea is one of the most wonderful places which attracts holiday-makers all over the world. There are many rest-homes, sanatoriums and tourist camps there. But it is also possible to rent a room or a furnished house for a couple of weeks there. Sometimes, we can place ourselves in a tent on the sea shore enjoying fresh air and the sun all day long.

As a rule, I make new friends there. In the day-time we play volleyball, tennis, swim in the warm water of the sea and sunbathe In the evening I like to sit on the beach watching the sea and enjoying the sunset. I'm fond of mountaineering. So I do a lot of climbing together with my friends. Time passes quickly and soon we have to make our way back. We return home sunburnt and full of impressions.

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