The Arts in Britain (topic) – Искусство в Великобритании (тема)

Английская тема The Arts in Britain

Топик " The Arts in Britain" предназначен для подготовки школьников старших классов к экзаменам, тестам, олимпиадам по английскому языку. Тема затрагивает вопросы как британского искусства в целом, так отдельные его аспекты: в топике вкратце рассказывается о фестивалях в Великобритании, музеях и художественных галереях, международном значении британских художников и музыкантов. Несколько предложений уделено литературе.
Данный топик не рассматривает никакой из аспектов искусства Великобритании детально, в нем дана лишь поверхностная ознакомительная информация. Для более детальной подготовки по той или иной узкой теме требуются дополнительные топики.

Topic "The Arts in Britain"

искусство Великобритании
The arts in Britain are flourishing, and present a varied and lively picture. London has become an international forum of the arts, with major exhibitions of painting and sculpture and the­atre, opera and ballet companies and orchestras drawing large audiences. Throughout Britain there are festivals and centres of artistic activity – among them the Edinburgh International Festival, the music festivals at Aldeburgh, Windsor and Chel­tenham and opera at Glyndebourne.

The spread of musical interest in Britain owes much to the British Broadcasting Corporation with its daily music programme and its partial financing of the Promenade Concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

There are over 900 museums and art galleries in Britain and art exhibitions are shown all over the country through the Arts Council, which distributes government grants for music, drama, painting and sculpture. Local authorities play an important part in encouraging the arts, supporting galleries, orchestras and arts centres – an example is the ambitious Midlands Art Centre for young people in Birmingham.

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British artists, writers, musicians and architects exert a po­werful influence abroad. Notable figures include sculptors Henry Moore and Anthony Caro, painters Francis Bacon and Graham Sutherland and, among younger artists, Richard Smith, winner of a major international prize in 1967, Richard Hamilton, who painted the first “pop” picture, and Bridget Riley, internationally known artist whose work has also inspired fashion.

British music owes’much to the composer Benjamin Britten, whose influence has produced a new school of British opera. In architecture the work of Sir Basil Spence (Coventry Cathedral, Sussex University) and the collective work of modern British architects in housing and town planning are outstanding.

Literature presents great diversity . Poetry has received fresh stimulus from regional movements including the Liverpool poets, who write for public performance. Among novelists of worldwide reputation are Graham Greene, Angus Wilson, Wil­liam Golding, Iris Murdoch and Muriel Spark.

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